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China Travel FAQS

China Travel FAQS

We understand the importance of essential information that you may require of the country that you are intending to visit very soon. We have amalgamated key frequently asked questions and their answers which you may find useful. The questions and their respective answers listed here are just for guidelines meant only to assist you plan and organize your trip. For detail information, we would recommend you to do background research on the country or area that you wish to visit. if you require any further information that may not be available in this site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our travel consultant who will be very much happy to assist you in every possible aspects.

Do I need visa to visit China?

Yes, a visa is required by all nationalities. A single entry visa should be arranged in advance of your travel. Visa fees are not included in the tour package. Lumle Holidays recommends that you obtain your visa before leaving the country where you live. The costs and the length of time to process a visa vary from country to country. Please check the website for the Chinese Embassy in your country to find the information applicable to you. Application forms can usually be downloaded from the website.

What do I need to submit along with my Application Form?

>Valid Passport with at least 6 month validity covering your intended trip & 4 clear pages
>One passport size photograph
>Related forms / letters dependant on visa type required
>Travel Itinerary provided by your tour operator or agent

We are always on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have when completing the form.

Do I have access to communication facilities such as phone, mobiles, internet & email?

Phone Calls
From most of the hotel’s bedroom, you are able to make international and domestic calls provided that you have pre-authorized for credit facility and required facilities are activated. Please note calls may cost £1 per minute to the Great Britain, plus a 10% service charge, but will vary by location. To call the Great Britain the international access code is 00, followed by the country code 44, then the local area code (omitting the first 0), then the number. To call Lumle Holidays, it is 00 44 845 475 3435. Emergency 24 hour telephone (out of office hours) is 00 44 78 0988 7770.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are very much popular in China and you will find high quality coverage. China enjoys active roaming agreements with all phone carriers; however, please note SMS and call rates can be expensive. Lumle Holidays recommend that you contact your mobile service provider if you intend to use international roaming during your holiday. Please ensure you investigate and understand all the costs associated before you leave the Great Britain.

Internet & Email
China’s major cities including even small towns have internet cafes. So, this is perhaps the easiest, convenient and cheapest way to stay in touch. Most of the hotels have a business centre with internet access, but at a slightly higher rate. Some of the hotels may have WiFi which usually comes at an additional cost and may only be available in hotel lobbies or public areas. Please note, many websites, including most Google products, Facebook and Twitter are banned in China; as a result inaccessible. If you are required to access your email via Gmail whilst in China, please ensure to use an alternative email account whilst in China.

How is Shopping like in China?

Infact, shopping has always been fun and entertaining to any holiday adventure. China has a vast collection of shopping opportunities for those who love to shop and seek a bargain. You will see from hand carved jade to local silk products or pearls from the South China Sea; the options can be endless.

Thus in keeping with most demographics’ interests whilst on China holiday, your holiday will include a reasonable number of shopping opportunities so that you can shop local goods and souvenirs.

How is food like in China?

All breakfasts and most of the lunches are included in your holiday package.

Breakfast is served at the hotel and usually includes western items. As tradition in China, lunch and dinner consists of small items/dishes of local cuisine to provide you with local dining experience. In China serving style of all the dishes may vary as some may be brought out to the table for everyone to share. Please be assured, the portion served is more than ample for the entire group. Each individual place setting will consist of a bowl of fan and a pair of chopsticks (you may request western cutlery if you prefer to), a flat bottomed soup spoon and a saucer.

You are able to buy snacks in supermarkets within major towns or cities. Alternatively, you may also like to bring comforts like cereal, biscuits, muesli bars, and tea/coffee with you from home.

Can hotel staff speak and understand English?

In all the hotels we use in our holidays, the receptionists at the front desk can speak good English, and most of the other staff (room service, restaurant servants, etc) can speak some English. The situation is the same in other star-rated international hotels in China.

If you need help, you can go and ask the receptionists at the front desk, who will be happy to be at your service, or if necessary, you can always find our tour guide (whose mobile number should be given to you upon your arrival) or our company’s emergency contact person for help.

How are the hotels and standards like in China?

China has great variety of hotels from budget to luxury. Hotels in China are obliged to adhere the Government laws which mean that air conditioning is switched on nationally in May and the central heating in November (this may vary slightly depending on the region).

Is tipping allowed in China?

Yes, tipping for tour guides and drivers in recognition of their good service has become common practice. Hotel bellboys and housekeepers expect your tips as well. However, it is not customary to leave tips at local restaurants.

Can I use my credit cards in China?

In Friendship Shops and most big department stores in big cities, credit cards are accepted, but not in small towns and small shops.

Do I need to fulfill any health conditions to travel to China?

There are no special health requirements for travel to China. However, those with medical problems are advised to consult their doctor before travelling to China. Travel to high-altitude areas such as Tibet is not suitable for those with pulmonary or heart problems and hypertension.

All travelers are encouraged to bring along their medical records, which will be of great help should an emergency occur.

Is travel insurance necessary?

Yes. Travel insurance with appropriate cover is compulsory to all our holidays/trips. We require all our clients purchase travel insurance and a copy of travel insurance policy documents needs to be submitted to us along with booking form.

How about taxis in China?

In China, taxis are easy to find in most cities, and there are always some outside the hotel you are staying. Taxi fares may vary from city to city but they are supposed to be marked on the taxi window, and the taxi drivers are supposed to use a meter when you get in. Most taxi drivers do not understand English, it is better for you to have your destinations written down in Chinese so that you can show the address to the taxi driver, you can get this from the hotel reception, and don’t forget to ask for a receipt or remember the number of the taxi in case you leave something behind.

Is the water safe to drink?

Boiled or bottled water is recommended at all times.

When is best time to visit China?

April, May, September and October are the most clement periods to travel. However, they are also the peak seasons for tourists. Remainder of the months are quieter. The weather is hot in mid-summer and dry and cold in winter. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a beach tour in summer and an ice tour in winter.

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Travel Info

    • Flight time 9¾ hours (Beijing)
    • Timezone UTC +8
    • Recommended airlines British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic
    • Best season Spring and autumn are traditionally considered the ideal times to visit China

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