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Highlights of China

Highlights of China

The gateway to East Asia, China, is a fascinating nation. It is a primeval civilization that gave the world Peking Man, gunpowder, and noodles. Tourists who visit China for the first time usually stick to the larger cities. Second time or more experienced visitors will go on to explore other destinations, where traveling may be a bit more adventurous and sophisticated because of the language ancients towns, tribal customs and traditions, language barriers. We have put together some of the key destinations that should not be missed when you are planning for your China Holiday.

Although the economic recession has gone, it’s implications are still around all of us. We at Lumle Holidays fully appreciate that you are mindful of the costs associated with your holiday this year, and we are confident that you would not wish to waste your precious holiday time and money on a marginal destination. We at Lumle Holidays have therefore picked some of China’s most popular destinations which we have included in your holiday package. Thus our holiday package covers the places that represent the best value for money, save your time, and most importantly lets you experience a wonderful holiday.


China is heaven for shopaholics with a wide variety and endless choices. Offering diverse shopping experiences, from luxurious shopping malls in Beijing to designers’ outlets in Shanghai and small authentic rural markets laid out within the country. You will get it all.

Things to purchase in China


Renowned for silk worldwide, Chinese silk is illustrious with great history, applauded throughout the world. If you visit China, Silk is a must to have in any form.

Papercut Art

Related to Chinese New Year, you can find these souvenirs throughout the year. Flower and animal art are the most common.

Chinese Knots

Known as the symbol of goodwill and health, these traditional handicrafts are popular decorative items.


The fourth-largest country in the world, China shares boundaries with 14 other countries. Elevated peaks, highland, and dessert occupy the western part of the country. Mount Everest and the Himalayas in the Southwestern part mark the boundaries with countries like Nepal Bhutan and India. In the north, China shares the border with Mongolia. River Yangtze flows in the south and the Yellow River flows in the north, these are two of the major rivers in China.


Chinese food is mainly classified into northern, southern, western, and eastern cooking methods. Northern cuisine has lots of salt in it and other ingredients like ginger, garlic, and soya sauce are heavily used. Peking duck is a dish made since the age of imperials. Dumplings and buns are eaten heavily in northern China and people are more of a red meat eater in comparison to vegetables. Veggies are preferred in the form of pickle. Cuisine in the Southern part of China is small in portion (bite-sized) people in this part of the country generally like their food steamed with a little bit of seasoning, savoring the flavors of fresh ingredients. Western cuisine tends to be hot and spicy. Last but not the least, eastern food is mostly about seafood with a sweet flavor and a wide range of vegetables are used.

Things recommended in China

Sichuan Hot Pot

Release your taste buds with some spicy Sichuan Hot Pot comprising of meat, vegetables, noodles, and chili.

Dim Sum

A Cantonese dish prepared in bite-sized portions normally laid out in small plate or steamer baskets.

Peking Duck

Dating back to the Imperial era, roasted duck remains one of the most savored dishes.


With an array of interesting cultural facts, China’s culture is one of the oldest in the world. There is a lot to imbibe, observe, and learn about the culture of China. Art, culture, writings, and music of China represent the ancient mythology and spirituality. Modern-day traditions are inspired by old customs. It is a proven fact that today China is changing very rapidly with vast advancement in terms of infrastructure and technology, though, a still a considerable portion of China follows old age customs and traditions. This is evident in cities like Beijing where one can see tall modern buildings and on the other hand old traditional style homes, ancient temples, and UNESCO world heritage sites exist which highlights stark differences in the culture. Worldwide China is well known, as it has given a lot. From martial arts to mah jong, expressive dance, food, enlightening ideologies. Though some may find the language a bit difficult and the food may not appeal to some Europeans, but it is a fact Chinese culture is extremely interesting.

Health and Safety

Lumle ensures every measure is taken to make sure our traveler’s holiday is safe and there is no compromise on the health of the travelers while on the tour. At the same time, the tours are fun and enjoyable so that our travelers can go back to their country with wonderful memories. We recommend that all travelers check with their government or national travel advisory organization for the latest information before departure. People leaving from the UK can refer to the below link for the latest information before they depart.

Popular Places in China

Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was listed…...

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Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army (Terracotta Warriors and Horses) are the most significant…...

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The Forbidden City

Situated at the city centre; called Gu Gong in Chinese, the Forbidden City…...

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The Summer Palace

Located in the Haidian District northwest of Beijing, Summer Palace is around…...

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Travel Info

    • Flight time 9¾ hours (Beijing)
    • Timezone UTC +8
    • Recommended airlines British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines and Virgin Atlantic
    • Best season Spring and autumn are traditionally considered the ideal times to visit China

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