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Highlights of Indonesia

Highlights of Indonesia


Indonesia is a group of more than 17000 islands, navigating through several oceans. Starting with Sumatra island in the west and expanding to Irian Jaya in the East. A considerable portion of Borneo exists in between along with islands like Bali, Java, and Sulawesi. Indonesia has a huge choice of islands and a variety of landscapes, for example, dense tropical forests, fertile lands, grasslands, and mountain ranges. With an abundance of flora and fauna, there is a lot for wildlife lovers, Sumatran tigers, elephants, Rhino gives enough to people looking for some rare sights. Famous for marine life, Indonesia is a paradise for divers, with a host of beaches and islands, Indonesia is an excellent destination for someone looking to see reefs, bays, and lagoons.


Indonesia is varied in culture with approximately six thousand islands, it is learned that more than 300 different languages are spoken throughout the island, most people speak Indonesian. Though there is diversity in culture, still there is unity amongst the people. Religion plays an important role to identify the people based on culture, people in Indonesia need to have an officially listed religion which is mentioned in the identity card. Normally people of the same religion marry each other. Muslim is the dominating religion, other religions followed are Hinduism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Buddhism.


Some of the must-try foods in Indonesia


Grilled and skewered meat, generally chicken served with sauce, quick and easy to eat food, forms a part of the main course in restaurants.

Beef Rendang

As the name suggests beef forms the main part of this cuisine. Resembling beef curry, is spicy cuisine, primarily serve during weddings, however it available at restaurants.

Nasi Goreng

Known as the national dish, it is fried rice eaten around the globe in various styles but what makes the Indonesian version stand out is the thickness of the rice, thanks to thick and sweet soya sauce.


One of the popular street foods, steamed dumplings are eaten with a sauce made of peanuts, which can found in roadside food stalls and restaurants.

Nasi Uduk

This dish mainly consists of rice cooked in coconut milk accompanied by a variety of herbs and spices.

Top Islands

Below are a few top islands you must visit if you are planning to travel to Indonesia.


Generally famous for paddy field and smoothies but there is a lot more you can find on this island, wonderful waterfall and mountain make a perfect landscape.

Komodo and Flores

Home to the famous Komodo dragon, this is the only place where you can find this species of lizard, combining with Flores island, makes a perfect destination to see these reptiles.


One of the hidden islands, allows you to familiarize yourself with Sasak tradition by tasting some local food and exploring the architecture.


Famous for the unique culture and amazing views looking over the mountains. Experience raw rural life and distinct culture.


Famous for Orangutans, located at Borneo, pave your way to some unforgettable experience in the jungles of Borneo.

Nusa Lembongan

Unwind yourself, Nusa Lembongan is all about doing nothing but relaxing on the pristine beach.


Generally, Indonesia is a cheap destination when it comes to shopping for travelers coming from another country. You can pick souvenirs in the form of local handicrafts, artifacts, wood carvings as a sign of remembrance. In places like Bali and Java, shopping options are huge with a variety of choices. If you are looking for specific handicrafts, it is worth visiting tourist areas, for general shopping like shoes, clothes, and antiques you can visit local markets.

Health and Safety

Lumle ensures every measure is taken to make sure our traveler’s holiday is safe and there is no compromise on the health of the travelers while on the tour. At the same time, the tours are fun and enjoyable so that our travelers can go back to their country with wonderful memories. We recommend that all travelers check with their government or national travel advisory organization for the latest information before departure. People leaving from the UK can refer to the below link for the latest information before they depart.

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Travel Info

    • Flight time 16 1/2 hours (Ngurah Rai Int’l Airport, via Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Doha, Guangzhou)
    • Timezone UTC+7 to +9 hours
    • Recommended airlines Singapore, Malaysian, Qatar & China Southern
    • Best season Throughout the year (Peak season – Apr – Oct)

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