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Highlights of Peru

Highlights of Peru


Evidence is there that Peru has been inhabited by humans 11000 years ago and they lived the life of hunters. Around 6000 BC, ethnic groups were more reliant on agriculture. As time progressed many civilizations rise and fall. Artifacts of ancient times are laid all over the country, Nazca line is one of the mysterious specimens, though, Incas were arguably the most respected and popular civilization, from 1438 to 1532, the ferocious Incas were accountable for one of the most world-famous archaeological site Machu Picchu along with this they contributed many other remains of historical importance. Around 1532 the Incas saw the fall, the arrival of the Spanish and civil war were major contributors to the decline of Incas. On top of this smallpox virus, believed, to be carried from Europe, proved detrimental for the Incas as their immunity succumbed to the virus. By 1542, the Spanish established themselves, but rebellious groups were not happy outsiders intruding their lifestyle and believed that they should have their own identity. Dissatisfaction led to disputes and it finally resulted in War which spanned for 14 years from 1810 to 1824. The Battle of Ayacucho marked the defeat of the Spanish and in 1879 finally, Peru registered independence.

Peru struggled economically and politically also they were facing a hard time from 1960 to 1990. Not being able to cope up with the world economy, Peru’s economy suffered, highly dependent on agriculture, so do the people of Peru whose main occupation is farming. In 1990, new leaders stepped in giving the country a new direction, the country saw economic reforms, focusing on trade. Prioritizing tourism, mining, construction, and private investment, Peru headed for a new level of growth. In 2008 most of the countries suffered recession due to global economic crises whereas Peru remains unaffected and managed to escape the adverse effects. Peru worldwide has continuously gained popularity, attracting travelers for its culture and history.


Peru has a wide range of landscapes with an extended coastline along the Pacific Ocean and adjoining countries like Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia share boundaries with Peru. Also, Peru has access to parts of the Amazon area, beaches, rain forests, Andean mountains, and Lake Titicaca. Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Puno all these places are situated at highland, in the center Andes mountain range stan still bisecting coastal areas from the jungle.


Peru is a real mixture of ancient and modern times. Quechua also known as Aymara successors of Incas mostly occupy the highland areas. People here live remarkably simple and basic life with a high dependency on agriculture, grappling with poverty, following the Inca tradition people speak their local language and wear traditional clothes. Down in coast huge difference prevails in the lifestyle, a lot of European influence can be seen, people leading a more comfortable and lavish life. People from different backdrops reside here, mainly immigrants from Europe, Japan, China, and Mestizo. Festivals of Peru is a great way to familiarize with customs and tradition of ancient times. Music, food, dance, wardrobe forms an integral part of the celebration, and all the elements reflects the old times. A deep respect for religion and family bonding along with soccer unifies this wonderful country.


Peruvians are crazy about their food and they are extremely passionate about it. The passion for food is not restricted to a specific area, whether you are visiting a village or main city you cannot escape the fixation for food and mouth-watering food will leave you wanting more. A lot of Asian, Spanish, Andean, and African influence can be felt in Peruvian delicacies. Peru grows 3800 types of potatoes. In highlands, heavy use of potatoes can be seen in stews and soups. In the coastal areas Japanese and Chinese influenced restaurants are gaining popularity, especially Japanese seafood dishes. Peruvian dishes largely contain meat, having said that vegetarians should not be disappointed as plant-based foods are easily available. If you love avocado than Peru is the right place.

Must-Try Food Items while in Peru


Typically made from raw fish preserved in lemon and spiced with chili peppers, salt, onion, and other seasonings.


Foodies looking for more and something different should try cuy (guinea pig ). In highland, it is the most relished staple food and generally roasted, served whole.

Lomo Saltado

The main ingredients being thin-sliced beef, tomatoes, onions, french fries, rice, and vinegar, it is stir-fried, one of the popular dishes in Peru.

Aji de Gallina

Creamy chicken, prepared in curry style made with cream, ground walnuts, cheese, and aji Amarillo.


Souvenirs reflecting Peru culture are available in the form of handicrafts. Local streets in the tourist destination are filled with ample things to buy.

Alpaca Wool Clothes

Renowned as the largest Alpaca wool producer, final product in the form of shawl and ponchos are available throughout Peru.


Prominent throughout South America, one of the recommended things to buy especially for the backpackers. Chullo is a knitted hat with extension covering ears.


Interpreting Inca style. jewelry like earrings, rings, and bracelets are popular and available throughout the country.

Health and Safety

Lumle ensures every measure is taken to make sure our traveler’s holiday is safe and there is no compromise on the health of the travelers while on the tour. At the same time, the tours are fun and enjoyable so that our travelers can go back to their country with wonderful memories. We recommend that all travelers check with their government or national travel advisory organization for the latest information before departure. People leaving the UK can refer to the below link for the latest information before they depart.

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    • Flight time 12 1/2 hours 
    • Timezone UTC -5 hours
    • Recommended airlines Air Europa, Air France, British Airways, Iberia, KLM and LAN
    • Best season Throughout the year (Peak season – Apr – Oct)

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